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5 Tips to Keep Your Wedding on Budget

We all know that planning a wedding is expensive. No matter how much budgeting, preparation and saving, it always ends up costing so much more than originally planned. If you’re struggling to stay on budget, follow our 6  simple tips below, courtesy of Yorkshire Wedding Photographer ILTO Photography, and still have some money left over for that honeymoon to Bali!

1. Have your ceremony and reception in the same place

Most wedding venues will have multiple rooms, so you can get married in one then simply hop over to the other for the reception. Alternatively, have the ceremony and the party in the same room! The guests can sit at their designated table during the ceremony, meaning the cocktails and appetizers can start straight away while the bride and groom take photos – no impatient family members or grumbling children! The beauty of doubling up is that you don’t have to spend twice on flowers or decorations so it’s a win win. Even better? If you get married in a hotel, most will give you a discount on the food or rooms if most of your guests stay there.

2. Don’t get married at the weekend, or during peak season

It’s no secret that venues hike up their prices from Friday through to Sunday, and even more so during peak season. If you’re not too fussed on the date or day of your wedding, try asking about discounts for mid-week marriages – as most people wouldn’t dream of getting married during the week, venues and vendors will often offer you deals for taking an unpopular slot. While a week night might be awkward for some, your closest friends and family will make sure they’re there – if some people can’t make it, you’ll save on the guest list too!  Also, if you offer to advertise your vendors – by placing small cards by place settings with their business details on, they might be so grateful they’ll consider keeping the costs down.

3. Hire a great photographer

Photos last forever and are, arguably, the most important part of your day – apart from the marriage itself, of course. They’re also the only part of your big day that you’ll return to time after time, so hiring a great photographer is key. When searching for photographers, make sure you’re certain on your style, budget, and requirements. Remember that your photographer will spend more time by your side on the big day than your new husband or wife – so make sure your personalities click before you sign a contract.

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4. Don’t have a sit-down meal

Food, and alcohol, are often the most expensive parts of any wedding. By cutting out the traditional 3 course sit down meal, couples could save a fortune. Try serving hors d’oeuvres or have food stations rather than the main course. That way, guests can choose exactly what they like, without being forced to eat a meal they wouldn’t have ordinarily chosen. By serving cold buffet food – such as potato or pasta salads – guests can graze throughout the day, so you might even be able to save on the evening buffet too!

5. Skip the cake

While many brides have been dreaming of their wedding days since they were little, including the cutting of the cake, these days, having a ‘traditional’ wedding isn’t quite as important. Guests aren’t too bothered about having a wedding cake – they just want a nice dessert. Why not opt for cupcakes, profiteroles or a dessert table instead? If you’re really not ready to part with tradition just yet, but your budget won’t cover an elaborate cake, ask a family member to make you one or have a baker make a fake cardboard cake with a small real top layer for cutting, then serve a basic sheet cake to your guests.

When trying to have a wedding on a budget, the most important thing you can do is to plan ahead. Make lists and spreadsheets for your budget and things you still have to sort out. Remember, the earlier you get started the less stressful the lead up to the wedding ill be. Don’t sweat the small stuff – things will go wrong, but don’t let it ruin your big day, everything is fixable and, if not, embrace it! After all, your wedding day should be the happiest of your life!