Dating Money Saving

7 Tips for Dating on a Budget

Whether you’re looking for your soulmate or just someone who’ll binge watch Netflix with you, the world of dating is great – you get to go out and have fun, all while meeting tons of new people and trying new experiences. Dating brings with it a set of expectations – fancy dinners, expensive cocktails and   But what if you don’t have the money to spend? Most of us aren’t willing to splash the cash on someone we might never see again. So, if you’re a serial dater looking to save the pennies, follow our simple tips below!

Head to a museum

While museums don’t necessarily scream ‘romance’, they are great for a first date. They’re not too serious or romantic, and they allow people to casually chat while looking  Best of all? They’re usually completely free! You can find a common interest, or teach your date something they may not know – it’ll make you look more cultured, rather than just poor, too!

learn to cook

If you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver then great! Why not whip up a meal at home for your date – they’ll be super impressed and it’ll save you money altogether. Alternatively, shops like M&S or Tesco often have dine-in deals for low prices, which include 2 or 3 courses and a bottle of wine. If your idea of cooking is popping a frozen pizza in the oven, that’s not going to cut it. Challenge yourself and take a cooking course, if nothing else it’ll be enjoyable, and you might even get another date out of it!

pick a weeknight date

Most of us will go on dates on a weekend – mainly so we can have a few drinks and not spend the next day suffering at our desks. However, try going out on a weeknight instead – you’ll save a fortune. There are loads of deals available during the week that don’t apply on the weekend. This is because mid-week is usually a quieter time, and so restaurants, experiences and bars often want to entice more customers.

Take a hike, literally

Okay, so we’re not suggesting you climb Mount Kilimanjaro on your first date, but grabbing a coffee and walking around your town or city is a great idea for a first date. You can show each other your favourite spots, and have a good chat while you have a wander. It’s also a very low-pressure date for those who often get intimidated by meeting or talking to new people or potential love interests.

Save money and purchase a companion instead

If the thought of dating is too much for you, you’re simply looking for a companion or you don’t have time to date,  Realistic Sex Dolls can be a great way to get over your nerves or to help you feel less alone. Although they’re more of an investment, if you consider the amount of money you’d spend on dates or dating, a sex doll could save you money in the long run.

Go to an Open Mic or Improv night

Most local venues will host comedy or music nights. With tickets likely being super cheap, or even free, it’s a great way to try something different – you never know, you might find someone great, then you can both be that person who brags that you knew about them before they were famous.

Get competitive

This one’s probably best after you’ve already been on a few dates. After all, nothing scares someone off more than unleashing your true competitive spirit. Organise a night of board games, play chess in the park or challenge each other to a tennis match – the options are endless!