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A Cheaper Delivery Strategy with Box Making Machinery

For eCommerce companies, shipping costs are inevitable and will eat into your profits. It’s up to you just how much those costs cut into your profits and there are steps you can take to better your delivery strategy, starting with custom cardboard boxes.

custom cardboard boxes made with BCS box making machinery

Companies who buy a mass of cardboard boxes in bulk face the continuing challenge of searching for the right size box every time a different order comes in.  With the BCS Boxer,  users can create custom cardboard boxes in just seconds, so they have the perfect size box to hand every time!

BCS custom cardboard box

This box making machinery also has the ability to print two colour text and images, so you can brand your boxes up and provide a more professional service. This also means you won’t have to attach any additional labels, saving you additional costs on materials as well as the time it takes to manually attach the label.

Why is a Box Making Machine a Cheaper Alternative?

While a piece of box making machinery requires an upfront cost, the savings generated from a better delivery strategy will quickly give your business a good return on investment. Packing items for shipping in a suitably sized box will minimise the risk of damage in transit which will also reduce your return rates. In addition to saving money on returns, the right size box will also cost less to ship if your chosen courier operates on dimensional charges. This means that if you are shipping items in an oversized box, you will also be over-paying on your delivery cost. With a box making machine, you can create the smallest box possible for the item so you pay the smallest shipping price.

Case Study: Shop Direct SAve 30% on Shipping Costs

Shop Direct, the company behind Littlewoods and Very realised that they were spending too much on delivery costs and were seeing an increase in returns. Their packaging solution was to switch to a box making machine in order to create their own cardboard boxes and have saved 30% in shipping costs.

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