Corporate Video Production Yorkshire

Corporate Video Production: What Are The Advantages?

Corporate videos are a smart way to grow your business, and can save you money in the long run.

With 51% of marketing professionals worldwide naming video as the type of content with the best ROI, are you making the most of your brands potential? With more people engaging with videos than static content, you may be missing out on potential customers and clients if you’re not using videos as a marketing technique. If you’re still unconvinced that corporate video production is the key to growing your business, read our list of amazing benefits below courtesy of Visualised it, a top creative video production Yorkshire based company.

It’s Fun!

A great benefit of corporate video production is that it’s a fun way to market your business and allows you to visually showcase your brand ideals. There are endless possibilities when it comes to video marketing, and it allows you to e much more creative than ordinary static content. Is your brand trendy? Funny? Environmentally friendly? Now’s the time to shout about it!

Search Engines Love Videos

If your video has the right description and tags and provides helpful advice and solutions that web users are already searching for, your pages and site will rank highly on search engines, thus increasing conversions and brand awareness. By uploading your videos to social networking sites like Facebook or YouTube, it allows you another way to connect with your consumer or customers., which is never a bad thing.

Training Videos Can Save You Money

There are so many different types of corporate videos to choose from – you can create one to sell your products or brand, but also to train your employees. Videos are a great way to save money and can help to accelerate learning – rather than sending your staff on expensive training days, you can easily create videos that can teach and inform. Training videos are great as they allow staff to see visual demonstrations and can be re-watched multiple times. Also, videos can be tailored to your specific brand, so employees aren’t wasting their time learning about irrelevant techniques or applications.

Great Opportunity for Call-to-Action

Videos are great for call-to-actions as they elicit an emotional response. If your video has a clear message and inspires your customers, they’re much more likely to interact with you – whether that’s using our services, buying your product or simply contacting you to find out more. All these conversions are great for increasing your brands’ scope.

Customer Testimonials are Key

A great way to increase brand loyalty and trust is to include customer testimonials in your corporate video. Let your customers explain how great your products or services are – happy customers have the ability to influence others, and potential customers are more likely to listen to real people rather than actors or company employees. Just make sure their opinions don’t seem forced or staged, as this will have the opposite effect.

So if this article has convinced you that video is what you need to take that next step, and you’re looking for Yorkshire corporate video production contact visualised it today to arrange a meeting and to see what they can do for you!