ISO 9001

How can ISO 9001 help my business to save money?

ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization, the world’s largest developer for international standards. ISO accreditations are created by experts who share knowledge to make continually relevant standards that find solutions to global challenges. It is recognised worldwide as the most popular and efficient Quality Management Tool (QMS) and qualification. The ISO 9001 is a basic certification that is available for all types of business, no matter what size or industry, and is a set of guidelines and certifications every professional service or business should maintain.  We spoke to Clear Quality, a Quality Audit Consultant based in Yorkshire, on why it’s important and how it can help you to save money.

Why is it important?

Having ISO accreditation means that your business is dedicated to continually improving its services and products. ISO 9001:2015 is a great asset as it creates monetary value for your organisation.

How can it help you to save?

It increases efficiency:

The point of ISO accreditation is to ensure that services and products are reliable, safe and of great quality..For business, they are strategic tools that reduce costs and improve business processes by increasing productivity, reducing scrap and waste and minimises production and rework issues.

Helps to address risks

As ISO 9001 accreditation aims to standardise processes, keep these under control and resolve quality issues, it forces companies to assess risks and identify opportunities to minimise them. It also asks for a constant examination of improvement opportunities, meaning operational costs are lower as there is less room for error.

Attracts new clients

Once you earn your ISO 9001 certification, you can advertise this and work with or for companies who make ISO certification a must have when sourcing new business leads. Moreover, certification can open new markets that were previously unavailable to you, as there are a large number of businesses and industries who won’t work, or legally can’t, work with companies who aren’t accredited.

Improves Company and Product Quality along with customer satisfaction

The customer always has the final say and, as expectations are constantly changing, so are companies needs for continual improvement of services, products and processes.  ISO 9001 accreditation helps to identify customer needs and to assess these for future requirements, while also allowing business to easily measure customer satisfaction. And, with increased satisfaction comes increased customer retention. With the standardisation of processes, every employee works in the same way, leading to better cohesion across the business, and therefore a better end product or service.

Helps to future-proof your company

A Quality Management System is all about, unsurprisingly, creating a better level of quality throughout your entire organisation – every process, product and service. With a better level of quality, your business’ reputation increases, along with stakeholder and partner satisfaction, leading to long-standing business relationships.

Clear Quality’s top tips:

  • Top management commitment is the key to success
  • Make the standard fit the company, not the company fit the standards
  • Make sure your organisation works as a team for optimum benefits
  • Review existing standards and procedures frequently

If you’re looking for an expert  ISO9001 Consultant or would like more information on ISO9001 accreditation support, contact Clear Quality today!