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Market-adaptive strategies to help ‘ Beat the Bear ‘

Reduce risk and increase long-term returns. Benefit from powerful portfolio management advice that responds quickly to changing market conditions … and learn when our Model Portfolios are in — or out — of the stock market or bonds.

  • Concerned about losing your Nest Egg?
  • Want a Proven investment approach that is effective in Bull and Bear Markets?
  • Worried about missing the next big move in the market?
  • Need Guidance to manage your 401k at work?

We offer Model Portfolios to help you actively-manage a basic portfolio of Index Funds or ETFs for superior returns … and less risk … across both Bull and Bear Market conditions. The Model Portfolios usually include two or three different invesments at a time … so they are simple and easy to manage. The allocations are managed dynamically as market conditions change.Allocation changes are published by email for timely action. Investment recommendations include broadly diversified index funds, sector funds or exchange traded funds.

Make Higher Investment Returns – With Less Risk – Over the Long Term

Our mutual fund Model Portfolios help you manage your money like a Pro by reacting quickly to changing market conditions. They manage risk and increase long-term returns more efficiently than traditional investment strategies. You can:

  • Benefit fully from bullish stock markets
  • Protect your money in Bear Markets
  • Tap into the hottest market sectors
  • Use Index Funds or Exchange Traded Funds
For Large and Small Investors Alike –Strategies Based on Objective Analysis

Computerized analysis of stock market supply and demand factors cuts through market “hype”. Our Model Portfolio strategies show you how to allocate your portfolio between different investment choices and keep you focused on long-term growth.

  • Makes disciplined investment easy
  • Eliminates having to sort through the conflicting advice of market “experts”
  • Helps you make timely decisions
Invest the Easy Way with Index Mutual Funds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Simplify your investing and easily diversify risk withmutual funds, index funds and exchange traded fundsthat track the major market indexes. Be able to respond quickly and nimbly to take advantage of changing market conditions.

  • More cost-effective than trading stocks
  • Makes it easier to be fully diversified
  • No need to chase mutual fund manager performance
“Growth” and “Conservative” Strategies For Taxable and Tax-Deferred Accounts

If you are approaching retirement or just beginning a family, we offer a variety of strategies to meet different needs. Successfully manage investments in various types of investment accounts:

  • 401k, 403b plans and IRAs
  • Accounts with Mutual Fund Companies
  • Taxable brokerage accounts
  • Tax-deferred annuity plans