Fuel tanker delivering heating oil in winter

Save Money, Buy Now: Rix’s Early Bird Heating Oil Campaign

Rix Petroleum are an independent heating oil supplier, delivering domestic fuel to UK homes. With 12 depots across the country, Rix deliver heating oil nationwide – check to see if Rix cover your area here.

Why Oil Prices Change

Heating oil prices fluctuate depending on demand. This means that during summer, when temperatures are soaring, the need for heating oil is at its lowest and is therefore at its cheapest to buy. However, when the weather begins to change and temperatures drop, homeowners start to reach for the thermostat and realise they are running low on oil.

This leads to a nationwide increase in demand, putting more pressure on oil companies to source and secure oil. For homeowners who leave their oil buying to the last minute, they are greeted with much higher prices than they would have been a couple of months previously.

Buy Early Campaign

get cheaper heating oil prices from Rix

As a family-owned fuel supplier, Rix say that they believe in “fair and honest prices” . You can get a quote from Rix anytime, as they have a quote calculator on their website. All you need to do is enter your postcode and fuel amount and you will be able to see their prices immediately. This is a good way of keeping track of price trends for heating oil, as you will notice a spike in prices once winter begins.

To help customers save money and ensure they aren’t too overloaded with deliveries, Rix have launched the Buy Early campaign. This is an incentive for customers to buy their oil now before prices increase. Their slogan is “The early bird catches the warm” to remind customers that in order to guarantee a heating oil delivery, they must buy soon. Leaving ordering until there’s a cold snap can be dangerous, as the supplier isn’t always able to fulfil unexpected large orders.

Get an instant heating oil quote now to beat the winter price hike and stay warm.