Applying spray foam insulation

Spray Foam Insulation: Saving Heating Costs

Heating costs. Whether you’re running a home or running a business you’ll know this and you’ll have to budget for it. Especially in the winter months, when temperatures drop and you have to rely on turning the heating up in order to create an environment in which you can live or work. But if your building isn’t properly insulated, you could be wasting enormous amounts of heat (and therefore money!). Spray foam insulation is a great solution.

Environmental Facts

On average, buildings are responsible for around 21% of carbon emissions. In the UK, this is even higher. Approximate estimations put it at closer to 45%, which is a staggering figure for something that is so easily combated and solved.

Our UK government has set a fantastic target that by 2050, we’ll have seen an 80% reduction in carbon emissions. This has to come from making our home lives, and work lives, more energy efficient. Currently, 26% of energy used in the UK is for space heating.

Insulation is the answer. When a building is well insulated, you need only a small amount of energy to heat it. This is because you can have the heating on for a short period of time, turn it off and your home or office will remain warm for a long period. This is the way to combat the huge environmental impact that heating our homes and commercial properties has.

Insulation Saves Money

Not only does insulation help you reduce your carbon footprint, but it saves you money. The less you have to heat your home, the less you have to pay for the electricity or gas that fuels this process. This is particularly significant if you’re in charge of heating a large space, such as an office.

Offices can be notoriously hard to keep warm because they are such large environments and many buildings are extremely poorly insulated. You can turn up the heating, but it simply rises up through the building and leaves through the poorly insulated roof. This is particularly so with flat-roofed buildings, especially ones built between 1960 and 1990.

It also works for cold spaces. If you are created a refrigerated environment, then cold escapes in much the same way as heat, as well as heat entering in the opposite direction. Keeping an environment refrigerated uses massive amounts of energy. Ensuring that your space is properly and efficiently insulated with a high-quality material can save massive amounts of money.

Why Spray foam?

Spray foam is one of the most effective and efficient forms of insulation. It is proven to work and can adhere to almost any surface, not just brick or wood. Because it comes in a spray format, it’s extremely quick for an expert to apply to a large area, unlike other insulation alternatives. This means that it’s not only money saving in the long term, but you don’t pay for days of an experts time – just a couple of hours!

It has many additional properties that are extremely beneficial when insulating a building that no other insulation offers. It is waterproof, which means that it adds protection from the effects of weathering, reducing the risk of damage to your property, including penetrating damp. It also dries (in minutes) to a concrete-like consistency. Because this is rock hard, it adds to the structural integrity of a building. This makes it a popular choice for older buildings that benefit from bonus structural support.

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